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     -2018 is the year of Decentralization.  -Technology is moving at such an exponential pace that governments need to either participate in that evolution of technology or plan to be left behind.  -State backed Crypto Currencies; FIAT on the blockchain  -Gulf States lead the charge on DLT technology  -No excuse not to participate in the decentralization revolution  -Blockchain agnostic solutions are the future of smart contracts and DLT  -Our current blockchain solutions with Abu Dhabi, Oman, Bahrain, Kenya, Mauritius etc.  -Mauritius Ethereum Alliance Foundation and The Blockchain Advisory (Mauritius) Foundation

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    |The difference between and ICO and IPO |The difference between VC fund raising and ICO's - benefits and challengers for fund raisers and co investors |The emerging new ICO VC - how are the evolving and who are they |Crypto Fund Models |The DAO and ICO's |CO Regulation

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